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2019-2050’s annual growth rate for cumulative global capacities is projected to reach nearly 10%. The trend is strong, irreversible, and creates multiple investments and business opportunities. Eterbright joined the energy transition already in 2010 with the development of the truly clean PV technology of CIGS. With our know-how, we are ready to serve the mainstream market of solar modules, as well as the high-value segments of Building Integrated PV. The latter is about to uptake, benefiting from the advancements of technology and global policies.

Building Integrated PV

Robust PV demand

expected to grow exponentially

Rising residential segment

especially in the high-income locations

Land constraints

in the urban areas

Unused roofs and facades

turning into source of income

Strict energy-efficiency regulations

imposed on the buildings around the globe

Aesthetics concerns

from citizens and local authorities

Although PV energy sources gained vast acceptance of the energy markets and regular customers, the current solutions face objective limitations. In densely populated areas, the scarcity of land for PV utility and industrial-scale projects seems to be a major obstacle for further developments. Moreover, the future grid structure tends to be designed on the dispersed sources of energy with the mature residential PV segment coupled with parallel energy storage employments. On the most advanced markets, the trends clearly shift towards residential systems where aesthetics, eco-friendliness, and safety stand as the major factors for success. With the estimated usable BIPV residential roof surface in the European Union of over 2350 km2, the potential of BIPV tile is immense.

Unlike the ordinary PV modules, installed as BAPV, BIPV exists as an integral element of the building, and when removed, it should be replaced by appropriate construction material.

BIPV brings additional value to investors while the products become multifunctional. The basics of electricity generation are enriched, in this case, by the functions typical to construction materials, like insulation, water protection, and the carrier of aesthetic value. In Building Applied PV (BAPV), the PV modules are directly attached to the buildings using an additional mounting structure and moving rails. Here, the PV modules do not have any direct effect on the building structures or the way they function. In the case of BIPV systems, there will be some direct impacts on the building structures and their functionality, especially if additional, or relatively complex, decorative mounting systems are required.

The global transitions towards BIPV solutions have already started fostered by the local and international policies regarding the energy efficiency of the building. In the European Union, 2020 marks the full introduction of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

Currently, buildings are responsible for around 40% of energy consumption in Europe therefore the Directive is considered a crucial element in the energy market transition. Among others, the document introduced the notion of Nearly Zero Energy Buildings that would have to produce a portion of their energy needs on-site or nearby. In reality and in many cases, the PV installation will be implicit, so the accessibility to the BIPV options will also be vital to the construction project’s validation and success. Europe stands as an example while many countries around the globe will introduce similar measures shortly.


BIPV Offer

Eterbright with the advanced thin-film is well-positioned to deliver high-end BIPV products. Eterbright provides a bridge between the industries of architectural design and renewable energy, merging and revolutionizing them so that the future can be both functional and beautiful. While the silicon BIPV is just a compromise, thin-film solutions represent real value-added for the architects.

CIGS solar tile front
CIGS solar tile edge

CIGS ePower tile

The ultimate idea of ePower Tiles is to replace the traditional roofing materials so both: the end-customer and installer could benefit. For the customer, the roof, instead of the cost, turns into an investment vehicle. Since it generates income, in the long-term, it is free of charge so it could be replaced more often without financial stress. For the installers, ePower tile opens new opportunities to operate on the promising markets of high-profit margins and scarce competition. What matters is know-how and innovative spirit to grasp the uncovered demand.


Mainstream Offer - BAPV

Apart from the novel BIPV solutions, Eterbright stands as a reliable supplier of mainstream module products. The modules meet the demand of the more traditional markets which are also set to grow in the foreseeable future. The module offer is present on the market since 2016 and it served well for the multiple projects developed around the globe. Due to the variety of modules' dimension, we participated in utility, commercial, and residential-scale installations. Our modules could be applied on the field or buildings. In the case of a system installed on the buildings, the modules would deliver the electricity generation benefits while they are still applied to the right construction's surface (Building Applied PV).


Wide offer range of modules to meet the demand of modern PV markets.

CIGS1000 series

The smallest module in Eterbright's offer, with the surface of 0.8m2 and size: 1234mm x 652mm x 35mm. The module enables the optimal composition on the imperfect and complex roofs. Due to its low weight of 12.9kg, it is easy and safe to handle and install. The aesthetic solution for demanding customers.

Eterbright CIGS1000 solar module

CIGS2000 series

CIGS 2000 series doubles the surface of CIGS 1000 series to 1.58m2 and size: 1279mm x 1240mm x 45mm. The modules are still suitable for residential projects while they can also serve in smaller commercial installations.

Eterbright CIGS2000 solar module

CIGS3000 series

The CIGS 3000 series, with a surface of 2.35m2 and size: 1901mm x 1235mm x 45mm, stands for the largest module in the offer. It was designed for the commercial and utility-scale project where the marginal cost of Balance of System weights the most. Currently, the largest CIGS module on the global market.

Eterbright CIGS2000 solar module