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Eterbright particpates actively in green energy transition. We keep oursevles busy with developing new products, following markets' trends and participating in global construction and solar industries events. Please refer to the news section to search for most recent progress.



Bautec 2020, Berlin - construction fairs in heart of Germany

Eterbright team traveled to Berlin in order to present the unique solar tile design.

Eterbright CIGS2000 solar module

A total of 425 exhibitors from 19 countries presented the latest trends and developments in the field of construction and building technology at the Berlin exhibition center from February 18 to 21. This year's Bautec counted over 31,000 visitors.

Eterbright CIGS2000 solar module

It is apparent that Building Integrated gains popularity. Eterbright's CIGS ePower tile and CIGS ePower facade attracted the attention of many visitors who were often surprised by the functionality of the products. Although BIPV's scale is set to grow sharply in coming years, the construction industry's professionals might be nor fully aware of this trend. In the common perception, PV cannot be fully integrated with the buildings' materials and design. It is the role of Eterbright to communicate with architects and engineers so the full span of opportunities could be revealed and introduced to the markets. Regardless of the current, uncertain situation, we already scheduled future construction and PV events, both, on the international and local levels.

In December 2019, Eterbright presented its most recent BIPV developments in the capital of France, Paris.

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