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Eterbright particpates actively in green energy transition. We keep oursevles busy with developing new products, following markets' trends and participating in global construction and solar industries events. Please refer to the news section to search for most recent progress.



Eterbright develops the CIGS ePower facade offer

The Building Integrated PV is going to gain on importance in the near future. The national and international policies clearly support the RE sources while the focus has been shifted to the urban areas and under-utilized buildings' surface which could turn to source of the clean energy.

Eterbright develops the offer with the special focus on the colored modules with the maximized aesthetic value and minimized generation losses. Our modules could be single colored, or multicolored, also with the fully customized design. The offer sparked interest during the recent exhibitions Batimat2020 in Paris, Intersolar 2019 in Munich or SPI 2019 in the US. According to the experts, the colored CIGS ePower facade panels could successfully replace the popular facade materials like stone, aluminum, or even wood.

Eterbright CIGS2000 solar module

The R&D efforts accelerated with the recent investment in sophisticated equipment which enabled us to initiate the efforts to deliver the semi-transparent facades of high uniformity. These products are expected to be launched to the market already in 2021. We would be happy to answer your direct inquires.