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Eterbright particpates actively in green energy transition. We keep oursevles busy with developing new products, following markets' trends and participating in global construction and solar industries events. Please refer to the news section to search for most recent progress.



InterSolar Munich 2022/May, Germany

Eterbright Solar products again trap the eyes of the world, such as architect, constructors, roofing installers, end users, also to solar sectors resellers and EPC (system installers, designers and engineers).

Eterbright solar roofing tile integrates perfectly into the roof, maintaining the same aesthetic appearance as a ceramic tile, preserving the line and usual thickness of the covering layer as thin as the tile itself.

Eterbright solar roofing tile is designed to blend seamlessly into your roof. Thanks to its integration, it confers all the benefits of capturing renewable photovoltaic solar energy as well as presenting excellent reliability in terms of water tightness throughout the roof.

Netherland, picture offered by Tejas Borja, Spain.