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Eterbright particpates actively in green energy transition. We keep oursevles busy with developing new products, following markets' trends and participating in global construction and solar industries events. Please refer to the news section to search for most recent progress.



Solar Power International 2019 in Utah - the capital of the US solar

Eterbright is active in the US market and we could not miss the most important event in the American PV industry.

Due to the exponential growth of the US PV market, the SPI 2019 brought over 700 exhibitors and almost 20k visitors willing to learn about the recent progress in the field. The market is certainly hot, especially in the residential and storage segments so the integrated solutions are expected to follow soon.

Eterbright CIGS2000 solar module

Eterbright presented its facade and tile offer, both with a focus on customization and coloring. In the tile category, the customers paid attention to our structured glass which is currently under research by our engineering team. The glass, together with the terra cotta coloring is in demand, especially in the very high-end markets. Eterbright will provide updates on future developments.

Solar Power International 2019 - official website