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CIGS ePower tile product launch

Eterbright is proud to present the solar tile based on the unique CIGS technology. The product targets the growing Building Integrated PV market and its specific needs of great look, quality and safety.

We approached the product design in the pragmatic way, fully adjusting to the existing roof tile standards in Europe. It was only possible due to the cooperation with the well-established roof-tile manufacturers from Northern and Southern part of the continent. In result, ePower tiles enable investors to create the full roof compositions based on the existing roof-tile and roof auxiliary elements which are currently in distribution on the market.

ePower tiles conforms to the standards of PV and construction industries. We took every effort needed to test their safety, usability and durability while the IEC certification stands as a quality mark.

In the next steps, the tiles are going to be presented to the public during the exhibitions in Europe, USA, Asia, and Australia. Do not hesitate to contact us directly to reach for further details.

Eterbright CIGS2000 solar module