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Eterbright particpates actively in green energy transition. We keep oursevles busy with developing new products, following markets' trends and participating in global construction and solar industries events. Please refer to the news section to search for most recent progress.


CIGS ePower tile product launch

Eterbright is proud to present the solar tile based on the unique CIGS tec...

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Eterbright develops the CIGS ePower facade offer

The Building Integrated PV is going to gain on importance in the near futu...

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Eterbright listed in RETC report with the high-performance rate

A high conversion rate does not always represent high power generation. Wh...

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Eterbright launches the World’s Highest-powered (360W) CIGS PV Module

During the past eight years since its establishment, Taiwan Eterbright has...

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Markets and Trends

Building Integrated PV facade to bring extraordinary investment opportunities in Europe

The ever-growing market, the right technology and profitable business cases for...

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Residential market to induce solar tile demand

Seeking for the higher value on the standardized market.

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InterSolar Munich 2022/May, Germany

Eterbright Solar products again trap the eyes of the world, such as architect, ...

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FH / Intherm 2022/Apr – Construction fair in Neremberg, Germany

Last two years because COVID-19 Eterbright Solar Corporation stay in home for p...

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Intersolar 2019 in Munich - Eterbright in the main PV expo in Europe

Our company arrived in Munich in May, with the main goal to present the printed...

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Solar Power International 2019 in Utah - the capital of the US solar

Eterbright is active in the US market and we could not miss the most important ...

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Eterbright in the leading EU construction expo - Batimat 2019

In December 2019, Eterbright presented its most recent BIPV developments in the...

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Bautec 2020, Berlin - construction fairs in heart of Germany

Eterbright team traveled to Berlin in order to present the unique solar tile de...

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Energy Taiwan 2020 presence and information

As every year, Eterbright participtes in the Taiwan's largest energy exhibition...

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