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Who Are We?

We are a Taiwan-based manufacturing company specialized in thin-film CIGS photovoltaics. We belong to HIWIN Technologies Corporation, which operates in the precision and robotics sector.

What Do We Do?

We develop the markets of photovoltaic products based on CIGS technology. Currently, our offer includes solar modules, solar tiles, and solar facades. In near future, we plan to introduce a transparent PV glass of outstanding quality.

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Wide product range

Eterbright manufactures and develops a wide range of PV products. For the basic BAPV installations, we propose the framed modules of three sizing classes. The BIPV market is provided with state-of-art ePower tiles (solar roof) and ePower facade panels.

CIGS ePower tile

Enabling Thin-film CIGS Technology


Thin-film CIGS technology was proved to deliver higher yields per kWp installed. Compared to the mainstream c-Si PV, CIGS performs better, either in hot and humid areas or in low light locations.


The unique characteristics of CIGS are especially in demand on the Building Integrated PV market since the BIPV projects are rarely developed for the perfect solar conditions.


Given that, as a single provider of non-toxic CIGS thin-film in Europe and The US, Eterbright specializes in the BIPV offer development. Our products enable the investors to pursue the PV revolution without compromising on the aesthetics of dwellings.


High performance under imperfect conditions

Efficient even in Northern parts of the globe

Versatility of possible solutions and locations

Installed flat, with imperfect angle or orientation, greatly immune to shadow effect

Safety and durability

Unifrom and solid in form and material, no PID, LID or hot-spots.

Aesthetics and elegance

Truly integrated, sleek and seemless solutions.

Non-toxic and eco-freindly

RoHS certified, without Cadmium, Lead or Plomb.

Selected References

  • Aesthetic CIGS module installation Netherlands

    The Netherlands

    The seamless residential installation under the low light conditions. Aesthetic solution delivering a high yield.

  • Flat roof CIGS module installation Italy


    The commercial project on the roof of the imperfect tilt angle, with low ventilation, and high irradiation. With its industry-low Temperature Coefficient, CIGS suits systems located in the Southern locations.

  • CIGS module installation in snowy Lithuania


    The commercial project on the flat roof, under harsh conditions and low irradiation. The uniformity of CIGS guarantees the durability of the modules.

  • Non-toxic CIGS modules on food factory


    2MW commercial project on the flat roof, with low ventilation, under hot and humid tropical conditions. The agriculture facility opted for Cadmium and Lead-free to ensure the safety of production.

Proven solutions

Eterbright is currently the single supplier of the non-toxic CIGS thin-film. Our modules were employed in dozens of reference projects across the globe.



The facade installation on the office building in Venice. Low ventilation, imperfect tilt angle, and high temperature lead to CIGS employment. In the BIPV category, thin-film technology is the obvious choice.

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Events to come

Each year, Eterbright Solar Corporation participates in numerous solar and construction exhibitions around the globe. As such events are a great opportunity to examine our offer, we kindly invite the potential buyers and investors, to contact us directly and schedule the meetings.