Novel products require an in-depth understanding. We prepared Frequently Asked Questions explanations and we grouped them into four groups: purchase, installation, maintenance, and replacement.



What are the current Eterbright's markets?

Eterbright is present mainly in Europe and Asia. We tend to operate also in the Northern American and Australian markets. After the inquiry, we would be happy to direct the potential customers to the closest distributors and project developers.

Where/How could I purchase Eterbright's products?

Eterbright's products are to be purchased through our distributors located around the globe. We are also keen to serve larger projects directly from Taiwan.

Does Eterbright provide custom-made products?

In the past, we delivered the customized modules, installed mainly in the BIPV facades. With the interesting projects, we are still willing to customize our products, especially in terms of coloring, sizing, and structure. Do not hesitate to contact us to reach further details.



Are there any specific requirements for the installation of Eterbright's modules?

Eterbright's CIGS modules are installed in accordance with the PV standards, and their mounting does not differ from the mainstream modules. The mounting systems are easily accessible locally.

As far as CIGS ePower tiles are concerned, how could I compose my roof?

The compatibility to the traditional roof tiles stands as the main feature of our CIGS ePower tile. The roof could be composed of the products of Benders (Carisma) and Tejas Borja (Flat 10). Both companies provide a full assortment of needed elements.

As far as CIGS ePower tiles are concerned, could I install them by myself?

Installation of CIGS ePower tiles does not differ from the installation of the regular tiles. Nevertheless, in most markets, the installation should be carried by a trained, and licensed electrician, in order to avoid any risk related to the electric circuits.

As far as BIPV products are concerned, does Eterbright provide any technical assistance?

Eterbright specializes in PV cell manufacturing. We operate through our distributors who are responsible for sales, and possibly for the installation. As far as the end-customer projects are concerned, the first technical assistance is provided by the experts of local distributors. With the larger projects on hand, Eterbright is willing to support the installation with the know-how of our own engineering team.


Maintenence And Replacement

Do Eterbright's products require any special maintenance effort?

Regardless of the product line, Eterbright's equipment does not require any special maintenance effort. It is therefore equally easy to handle as the traditional mainstream offer.

As far as ePower tiles are concerned, how could I test their output and condition?

The output of the ePower tiles could be easily measured with help of the modern inverters and yield numbers. The condition of the tiles could be further examined by the heat detector which belongs to the basic tools of every PV installer.

As far as ePower tiles are concerned, is the process of tile replacement similar to regular tiles?

Due to the compatibility and similarity of ePower tiles and regular tiles, the replacement process follows the logic of the roof installation. In case of unlikely failure, each ePower tile could be replaced by the new one with relatively small effort.

What are the warranty conditions for Eterbright's products?

The warranty conditions respect the PV industry standards. Regardless of the product line, we grant 10 years of product and 25 years of performance warranty.