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Eterbright Solar Corporation HIWIN Group

Eterbright Solar Corporation, a HIWIN Technologies Corporation, founded in 2010, in Taiwan, specializes in research, development, and manufacturing of CIGS thin-film PV technology. For the sake of providing all mankind with more reliable, more economical, and more efficient PV products, Eterbright upholds the ideal of a green future, adheres to high-quality production, strives for innovation and improvement, and endeavors to serve our customers to open up new markets.

Competitive Axes

We position ourselves as the unique supplier of certified-clean PV technology. The company is highly research and development-oriented, benefiting also from the strong scientific base of the Taiwanese semiconductor hub. Our products are reachable globally, while our agility enables us to adjust to the local requirements - especially in the domain of BIPV.

Niche technology

developed in-house and patent-protected

R&D focus

supported by top-notch scientific bodies

Global reach

within global tech leader group of HIWIN

Charged to grow


Company Timeline

  • 2020

    BIPV products on mass scale

    Eterbright continues introducing new series of its ePower tile, also in regards to Northern markets. Additionally, the company plans to launch the facade products in the near future, to fully grasp the high-value market segments. As for 2020, being equipped with unique technology and product offering, Eterbright stands in pole-position to pioneer the PV market with the BIPV mass-scale production.

    Integrated PV

    ePower tile market launch

    The first ePower tile series is launched. The product was designed in cooperation with the leading, Spanish, high-end roof tiles producer. Importantly, Eterbright becomes the single solar tile supplier based on clean technology, suitable for installation under imperfect conditions.

    ePower tile
  • 2018

    Products design and cooperations

    Eterbright focused on the BIPV promotion and the manufacturing of the first BIPV projects. Crucially company turned to the construction industry in order to establish cooperations with the leading producers of roofing materials. Such an approach enabled the design of the right PV products, according to the expectation of the constructors, and efficiency requirements of the energy sector.

    BIPV R&D launch

    As the technology and know-how holder, Eterbright undertaken the strategic direction towards future markets of Building Integrated Solutions. BIPV is considered as the next catalyst of the energy transition while it requires substantial research and development effort to deliver the products conforming to both: PV and construction requirements.

    Module offer
  • 2016

    Module mass production

    The market is provided with the unique offer of CIGS PV modules. The offer has been gradually expanded and currently, it encompasses 3 series of products: CIGS1000, CIGS2000, and CIGS3000. They are distributed around the globe, and mainly in Europe, Asia, and North America.

    Module offer
  • 2014

    Certified technology

    Eterbright's technology is certified by TUV with IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 - the core documents in the PV industry. Currently, the company is equipped with a wide range of other certifications, including RoHS, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, among others.


    R&D effort

    Eterbright secure its intellectual property rights with the first 37 patents. In the following year, Eterbright would be granted the next 38 patents

    CIGS technology
  • 2012

    Factory investment

    HIWIN Technologies increases the stake in Eterbright while the cutting-edge CIGS production lines are established in Miaoli, Taiwan.

  • 2010

    Company inception

    Eterbright enters early PV market to participate in global energy transition.

HIWIN Technologies Corporation

Founded in 1989, HIWIN Technologies Corporation managed to develop into the globally established supplier of precise machinery, robotics, and factory tooling systems. The unique expertise and the broad range of products enable HIWIN to be present in technologically advanced and high-margin industries like industrial automation, semiconductors, healthcare equipment, transportation, etc.. The outstanding quality of HIWIN’s offer was acknowledged and appreciated by its long-term customers. The vast buyers base guarantees a stable flow of business whether it's Asia, Europe, or America. Diversification is key to financial and strategic stability. HIWIN Technologies Corporation includes HIWIN Technologies, HIWIN Mikrosystem, Matrix, and Eterbright Solar Corporation.

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