Building Integrated PV merging solar and construction industries

CIGS ePower Tile

Building Integrated PV reinvents the idea of solar energy. Integrated solar is aesthetically appealing, financially profitable, and perfectly within the reach of the regular customer. It turns the cost of construction materials into a source of income so the roof or façade could have a payback period. BIPV opens a wide range of new business opportunities on the untapped markets of various applications.


CIGS ePower tile

CIGS ePower tile logic

The ultimate idea of ePower Tiles is to replace the traditional roofing materials so both: the end-customer and installer could benefit. For the customer, the roof, instead of the cost, turns into an investment vehicle. Since it generates income, in the long-term, it is free of charge so it could be replaced more often without financial stress. For the installers, ePower tile opens new opportunities to operate on the promising markets of high-profit margins and scarce competition. What matters is know-how and innovative spirit to grasp the uncovered demand.

High-end market demand

with high-end requirements

Elimination of traditonal roof tile

or redundant solar modules

Exceptional aesthetics

increasing property's value

Common sense in favor of PV

undeniable future of residential PV


Suitable technology

The uniqueness of ePower tile design comes from the CIGS technology. The imperfect tilt angle assumption combined with the high spectral response and low shadow effect enabled us to maximize the value of the solar cells ever integrated into the roof. We are proud of being a single supplier of CIGS-based, fully market-compatible solutions in the world. The excellent aesthetics and non-toxicity only add to the utmost quality of the offer.

Imperfect tilt angle application

PV for roofs, not roof for PV

Low shadow effect

main risk for high output

Material uniformity

sleek and without glare

Non-toxic products

to eliminate risk of Cadmium and Lead


In order to replace the traditional tiles with ePower tiles, the latter should meet the strict requirements of the construction industry. ePower tile was co-designed and approved by the leading European manufacturers of rooftiles therefore our product is set to create a uniform composition with the existing traditional tile offer. ePower tiles were also tested against the water-ingress, snow and wind load, and hail resistence. We assure the full functionality of offer.

Compatible to roof tiles

smartly designed and fully applicable

Full water-tightness

compliant to construction standards

Snow, hail and wind resistance

compliant to construction standards

Easy installation similar to roof tiles

with no need of unique know-how or skills


Simple system design

CIGS ePower tile's system follows the standards of the industry so the system design and installation process could be as simple as possible. The systems are connected similarly to the mainstream module offer and our ePower tile benefits from the wide range of the Balance of System present currently on the market. The unlikely defects are to be detected easily by the basic tools in hands of the installing companies. If required, Eterbright also provides technical support to ensure the success of the projects.

Standard system design

similar to the modules

Compatible with standard BoS

to facilitate project development

Easy problem detection

to monitor installation over life-span

Eterbright's technical support

to provide the best service